The finer details of our services

Instinct IT prides itself on the high quality of customer service we provide. We're always connected, always ready to go. Being agile and responsive is how you can better react to customer needs and this is our focus. We take what we do very seriously but always try to have a laugh. We don't discriminate and treat everyone with equal respect. We're highly transparent, no good at lying and what makes us really happy is the work we've done coming full-circle.

Instinct IT Support

IT Support

Invoicing is on a monthly basis unless otherwise requested by you. Discounts apply for Direct Debit, multiple subscriptions and pre-approved service tenure. All prices inclusive of GST.

Subscription IT support requires 1 hour of initial setup for every 10 staff members. This is typically performed onsite and involves installation of custom software that is used to monitor, communicate with and control the workstation offsite when required.

There are no charges for software used or newly required. Only labour is chargeable by us. Any work prior to being onsite is also not chargeable for onsite visits. Only the time spent on premises is invoiced.

Ad-hoc onsite IT Support carries a minimum 1 hour + 1 hour travel i.e. 2 hours minimum for work consisting of less than 1 hour spent onsite. Remote IT Support is 1 hour minimum and each type of service is chargeable in 1 hour blocks.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Monthly subscription-based maintenance allows 4 pages to be modified per invoice month. Any number of images, text and format changes included with each update. Additional page updates $10 each.

Billing occurs on the 1st of each month and applies to the upcoming month. Discounts apply for Direct Debit and pre-approved service tenure. Wholesale web hosting and domain name registration included.

Each page is embossed with a "Maintained by Instinct IT" narrative in the footer section. Customers can opt-out of this professional signature for an additional $10 per invoice month.

Included with this service: Web Analytics on-demand, SEO monitoring, Daily Backups, Email management, Proactive recommendations, social media integration and access to wholesale web hosting and domain name registration.

Website Design

4 page informational site with contact form and social media integration = $99.
8 page flat website with contact forms and email newsletter subscriptions = $299.

Wholesale web hosting available with 150GB storage, Unlimited bandwidth and instant setup for $3.23 p/month over 24 months PLUS ".com" domain names for $9.50 p/year.

Website design is based on an initial consultation, first draft, second draft (if required) and a final design which can be sent to you or uploaded on your behalf. 1 month of website maintenance included FREE to ensure a steamlined process.

High-end web apps and online stores also offered as bespoke packages. These require lots of consultation with you and are highly custom. $1799+ for an e-commerce site with a catalogue of products uploaded and integrated.

Instinct IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Medium and major IT projects require robust designs, planning, guidance and support to ensure success and minimise risk of interruption. For this, Instinct IT is in-tune with industry best practice and can be a pillar of support for your next big step forward.

Recruitment services are often essential to project success. Finding the right talent, with the right availability can make or break your next big move. With our experience and connections

Depending on complexity, timeline and manpower required for your project, Instinct IT's rates operate on a sliding scale. Anything from server upgrades and migration into virtualised environments and anything in between.

Recruitment of specialised talent that matches your requirements is also something we pride ourselves on. Regardless of skillset required, our rates are 8% across the board. For all IT Project Consulting, please contact us to discuss your roadmap.

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